Be Brave

So the word Brave is not a noun.

No it is definitely a verb, an action word,

which is incredibly noteworthy.

To be Brave is having the ability

to possess the mental and emotional moral

fortitude to face danger, fear

or difficulties in life.

To be Brave is to be Confident

and reassured that you will be


when facing life challenges.

To be Brave is to be Determined

to Not give up and to

Not give in, when

the going gets rough.

To be Brave is to Stand Stedfast

and to know that you can and

you will handle whatever

comes your way,

to the best of your ability.

To be Brave is to be Resilient in the

face of opposition.

To be Brave is to have the courage,

stamina and the capability to

be able to

get back up when

you are knocked down.

To be Brave is to be Motivated

to keep pushing forward,

when life situations

are stressful and are pulling

you backwards.

To Be Brave is to use Positive self talk,

And to trust and believe

that we have a

Heavenly Father who loves us

and who cares.

And as the Word says

“We can do all things

through Christ who strengthens us.”

Be Brave My Brothers and My Sisters.

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