Snow is great when you are small

You celebrate the end of fall

For powdered lawns and icy roads

That blessed news that school is closed

Don your hat and knitted gloves

That puffy coat your mother loves

To adventure in the wonderland

Of flakes of white like frozen sand

Snow angels and tight-packed walls

Make a man from rolled-up balls

Catch a snowflake on your tongue

Forgetting that your toes are numb

And when you’re done, you come inside

To curl up by the fireside

With a warm quilt and hot cocoa

And noses red from a day of snow

But that time has come and gone

And now you’re grown, and life moves on

When winter comes, it brings a groan

And prayers it will leave you alone

Your commute makes you want to quit

Drive slowly, hope that you don’t slip

Pass cars flipped over in a ditch

And tow trucks adding to their hitch

Ugly clumps of dirty slush

Adorn the streets in muck and mush

Noses run and throats go dry

The days are barely creeping by

You’d love to curl up on your bed

Your blanket wrapped around your head

With chocolate treats and piping tea

But you have responsibilities

Drag yourself out in the cold

Day after day, it’s gotten old

And know that you can’t do a thing

But patiently wait for the spring

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