I gave her the wrong pill to take.

So basically, the other week she posted a story about the pill that she took and it was the wrong one. We were out near the river she she began to trip and then she hurt herself. We were supposed to be hiking towards the top of the mountain in order to get to the hot air balloon, but what happened was that she wasn’t feeling good. I fucked around and gave her the pills that had psilocibin in them. Of course, I can’t just admit that to the entire group. I stood in the back watching her high play out and thinking to myself, “I didn’t give that to her.” But, as it turns out, I did. Finally, the sweat began to pour down my face.

“Austin, you good?” My good pal Henry was looking at me as the guilt began to permeate down my body. I was trying to play it off but I wasn’t playing it off well because I began to get even more nervous and I began to shake.

I looked to my left and my right, me and Henry would have been about 3 minutes away from the horror scene of that girl beginning to lose her mind while everyone was trying to get her together after falling on the rocks.

“I fucked up!” Those were the only words that came out of my mouth before I hulled ass running towards the dock. I knew where I was because I hiked the trail five hundred times as a kid. It didn’t take long for me to end up at the pier. When I ran I didn’t look back to see what Henry was thinking, I’m sure he was perplexed. I could hear him off in the distance screaming my name.

“AUSTIN! AUSTIN!” But I kept going and going, I wasn’t going to stop until I made it to the pier. I knew they wanted to catch the hot air balloon but I wasn’t really in the business of doing so myself. I just wanted to get way for the entire group, make it back to my place, and fast. I didn’t want anything to do with that stupid fucking girl and more than anything, I wanted to get home to my blunt and video games.

I just kept running and running until my legs gave away. Then, finally, I came upon the dock with the canoe and the paddles and I was gone. Left, right, left, right, swish swish swish - I was moving. I couldn’t stop moving down the river. I didn’t give a fuck how long or how hard I had to work to get to the area where my car was but I knew I wasn’t going to be sitting around thinking about what I could have done. Fuck Henry, fuck her, and fuck the hot air balloon. The entire day was done and so was I.

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