Ocean View

I was always scared of the ocean when I was young.

I feared I’d be stung by a jelly fish.

As I watch the waves wash from up the sand.

I think of the ocean blue eyes that met mine.

Your hair matched the sand of a beach.

Your smile is as bright as the sun over the horizon.

When I go to the beach I think of you.

Your warm touch against mine.

Like a sunburnt ready to burst.

Your skin is as soft as the sand.

Rough but soft.

Today I went to the beach.

The day you washed away.

The day you sailed away.

Was the day I was stung by that jelly fish.

Although it wasn’t on my skin.

It was on my heart.

You washed away to soon.

As I sit in the sand of the beach.

It reminds me of the feeling of your skin.

Against mine.

Your eyes laid upon me the day you left.

Slowly those ocean eyes began to freeze.

As I watch you slowly slip away.

You were drowning.

I couldn’t help.

You were to far gone.

The ocean reminds me of you.

One day I’ll get a house just upon the beach.

So I can always look at you.

From afar.

The waves remind me of your curly hair.

The view reminds me of you.

The sun reflects your smile.

The color of the ocean against the sky reminds me of your eyes.

The dirt color sand remind me of your hair.

When the sun goes down pinks and reds.

Replace the blue sky.

You always loved painting.

I watched the sunset.

I noticed you were painting the sky.

It was beautiful.

It shows how you made it up there.

The ocean view reminds me of you.

The ocean view reminds me of your kindness.

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