Two Lines

Pink stick, two lines

What does that mean?

A life forever altered

A destiny foreseen

Abandon all your hopes and dreams

And wipe away those tears

Just face the fact, this is your life

For the next eighteen years

This isn’t what I wanted

Not here, not now, not yet

But what’s done is done, accept it

I have to live with the regret

My mind swirls with anxiety

And thoughts of other choices

It’s like my head is flooded with

A million different voices

I showed him those two pink lines

His face lit up with joy

He wants to buy a stroller

Will it be a girl or boy?

He’s bouncing on his tiptoes

He’s rambling on and on

He can’t wait to hold his baby

Or to see me be a mom

He can’t see that I’m crying

Through his smiles and utter glee

I shrink into the bedroom

So he doesn’t look at me

I can hear his giddy giggles

So oblivious of me

I stare at those two lines and wonder

Is this really meant to be?

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