The girl cries out, annoyed

“ But why can’t I just stay with youuuuuu! It’s so much more fun here. I get to do so much stuff and when I’m not with you everybody is sad. And I’m stuck in bed. It’s so boringggggggg “

“ Your time will come, dear. But not yet. Now, would you like a scone? “

Death replies.

“ Awwww you made scones without me? We were supposed to make them together! “

“ Sorry. I know how much you loved them and on my list it said I wouldn’t be seeing you for a month. I wanted to surprise you. “

“ Okay, I guess I can forgive you. But only if you take this “

The girl hands the grim reaper a Daisy.

“ Beautiful. “

Death plants it in the ground, and makes it grow, as the girl watches in silence.

Death plucks out the flower again and holds it close, leaving the daisy’s roots in the earth.

“ Next time I see you a new Daisy will have grown. “

“ When is next time? “

“ Guess you’ll have to wait and see. But I hope we won’t be seeing each other again for a long time Emmy. “

As the Grim Reaper says that, the girl slowly starts to fade away, and she waves at Death happily.

“ See you next time! But don’t make scones without me while I’m gone! “

“ Dont worry, I won’t. “

“ Promise? “

“ Promise. “

And the girl fades away completely, returning to the human world.

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