Diary Of An Mad Cosmopolitan ex. 3

Cult of the cosmos

Madhouse of the religious fanatics

I dropped a few lines before I blew that shit up

The church bathroom is such a cliche at this point

“Your body is only holy when I say it is

Your body is only holy when it’s kneeling, subservient,

Underneath a ‘man of god’”

I drew a picture and hated it so much I burnt it up

Now I know what it’s like to be god

I watched them destroy everyone around them and rebuild themselves using pieces of the rubble

And I wanted to be them

Chop off your hair, chop up your brain

Let’s wreck this shit, morrie

Let’s never let them forget us

Get on your knees

Tell me how you love me

Tell me how good I taste in your mouth

Tell me how you’d die for me

I put the barrel to your lips

And watch as you keep your damn promise

And your devotion exploding out the back of your head

What a beautiful boy

You’re gorgeous when your dead

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