That One Employee

The company thought the merger would be a smooth tranistion. The new company though they would just slowly push to take over the other company. The employees of the older company realized that is what the new company was doing, but could not really say anything. The few employees from the older company would not go down quietly. The employees would not be rude or disrespectful, but they did not understand why the new company was telling all these lies. It took one single employee to finally stand up for what everyone believed was correct. The employee ws named Tanya.

Tanya was one of the newer employees to the company. She understood the merger was for the better. Out of all the employee she was the one that actually went with the merger. She viewed it as not changing the name only but also offering more services to the already existing customer base. She started ansering the phones with the old company name, but would bring up thaat they had joined with a sister company. But the sad thing is not matter what Tanya did or how she tried to work with the new company it was not goo enough.

Tanya would be every weekday trying to make sure she did everything correct. She even got to the point and would copy other employees similar task and just change the necessarty words. It was not good enough. Every day Tanya would get scolded for doing wrong. The only prolbem is that no one would come tell her face to face. They would send her an emaiil with screen shot of what was wrong. Tanya also would get to work and open up the computer to find a chat from the night before that said how wrong she was. They would send screen shot after screenshot to show how bad of an employee Tanya was being.

Tanya finally had enough and decided to leave. She only gave two days of notice for the current employer to find a replacement. She did an exit interview and let it be known that it was a toxic work environment that she was leaving not the company. After Tanya left the comapny the following week many other employees left also. It started a entire revolution on how horrible the one manager is treaating employees. It was so shockinng that even one employee took Tanya as an example to reach out to a laywer to see if Tanya was mistreated. Also the other emploeeys may have felt mistreated. They entire company felt that Tanya was a great example for the rest of the company.

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