generic human city

As above, so below,

the grand metropolis stretches far

into the atmosphere,

past polluted clouds,

reaching for the heavens as

our insult to God.

On the streets,

a shifting, ameoba-like mass of bodies

hustle to reach their

individual destinations

giving no regard for personal space.

All imaginable colors

are amply represented here;

however, they are all artificial,

for no nature can survive

the toxic mix of chemical compounds

infecting the air, ground, and water.

The sickly sweet scent of mold

permeates the city’s alleyways,

the unfortunate result

of humanity’s waste

and lack of concern

for the environment surrounding them.

Citizens here care about little else

besides themselves,

for that is what life in this place

has taught them

and their fathers before.

Nobody realizes

that karma is coming.

No one matters here,

and soon it will all be gone.

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