We don’t live life,

We take pictures.

We’re not social,

We just Insta.

Hang it up for all to see,

Brighten up the pain, you think?

Filter all the blemishing,

Hiding all the misery.

Hope they take a second take.

Posting all the holy days.

Oh, the memories you’ve made!

If only they weren’t fucking fake.

I blew up cause I exposed it,

Dug a hole and decomposed it,

I made pages into canvas,

They just eat it and repost it.

Spends those hours,

On your TikTok,

All those seconds,

Just broke life’s clock.

I think this is infamy.

People hate what they can see.

I think that I heard that story!

Oh wait, that was only me.

You say I’m an enemy?

Great, so stop pretending. See?

Sue said life is more than screens.

She just said it beautifully.

Life is but a fleeting dream?

Wake up!

What the fuck you mean?

Everything you see and touch,

Touches you, is that too much?

Focus on the follows much?

Identify in public much?

Who the hell you think you are?

They tell you that you’re too far gone.

You just take it,

regurgitate it,

get back on and start

to play the part?

You’re more than a

profile behind a screen.

You’re worth more than the

internet can make it seem.

Your heart’s a lush garden -

be careful what you’re planting.

They can’t grant you your identity.

You aren’t what you want them to think.

You are the sum of everything you speak.

Please don’t throw

the hate at me,

All my fame is infamy.

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