The dream like vision shook me to the core, the desolate notion of this room was deafening . It screamed run! But I was a bystander watching a scene unfold, the room was a void it’s stark whiteness made everything glean the white floors that resemble glass the walls everyone here wore white nothing had color, except the colored glass my uncle held in his hand a simple glass cup, a wave of unease flooded me my uncles eye look up and meet mine his expression confused and instantly recognition hits and mouths “no” and the glass in my uncles hands slips like he’s seen a ghost, and before he realizes it’s slipped his hands it shatters it’s sound deafening like a sonic boom, ominous echoing. I saw red the glass shards looked like blood drops scattered everywhere with a blink of my eyes everyone disappeared except for my uncle. I took a step forward. Looking at the glass seeing the gleam bending down to look I thought I saw me in a shard a sliver a flash of bright green eyes than nothing as the light shifted over it

I’m sorry lily bug! My head shot up because only my dad called me that


“As the night turns to day

Pick it up and turn it over

Reveal your past in order”

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