Ode To Boots Too Big

One angle wonder you,

Oh you sit.

Gathering friends of dust to join you,

at the foot of my chambers.

Recieving minimal tenderness from me.

Oh the letdown you were.

Pointed toes at sunlight.

Journeying from far away,

Oh the mystery of your origin.

Mexico 29 sizing, whatever that may mean.

I didn’t know your owner,

Oh you orphan pair of shoe you.

Maybe I could have loved you, had you held my feet tighter.

Scuffed soles, deflated shaft.

Oh the vision I had for you.

Light brown embroiderment on your cream ostrich leather, you broke my heart.

Now you sit, begging to traverse the world.

Oh the life you likely had prior to me.

Maybe I’ll find a horse to ride with you.

Into the horizon.

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