First Day Of School

It was finally here. I had been dreading this day for weeks and now it was here. I adjusted my cross body backpack strap for the zillionth time a nervous habit I developed in early childhood. When I started preschool and was continuously adjusting and readjusting the straps on my little Wonder Woman backpack. Now my backpack was plain black but with blue trim. I sigh when I see Tracy pulling up to my house to pick me up. I used to have my mom or dad drive me but with Tracy getting her license it became more convenient for her to pick everyone up. I trudged over to the VW bus and climbed into the front seat beside Tracy.

“Ready for the first day of our junior year?”

“You know how much I hate the first day of school.”

“Oh come on it’s not that bad.”

“Speak for yourself, for me it is that bad. I just count the minutes until I get to go home and retreat to the sanctuary of my bedroom or actually preferably Draya’s bedroom because I have a feeling that I am going to need some major cuddles after school; at least for a little while.”

“I’d be willing to cuddle with you.”

“That’s different; with you it’s platonic and you’re great and all but I need romantic cuddles and affection.”

“I get that, I know that after a stressful day all I want is to be held by my man.”

“I am just waiting for the day to end and will be marking off the days on my calendar till the end of the school year.”

We picked up Hallie next who was excited to catch up on all the school gossip. “It’s the first day Hallie there is no gossip yet.” I pointed out to her.

“With the way I catch up there will be.” she said. Then we picked up Kelsey who as soon as she entered the bus took off the long sleeve white button up shirt revealing a black tank top underneath with the tiniest bit of cleavage showing. Her parents normally would never let her out of the house wearing that shirt hence the long sleeve button up. After that we picked up Raquel who was was actually excited about junior year.

Tracy parked the VW in the student parking lot and we all made our way into the school to our first class.

My first class was English which Hallie had with me I was grateful for that. After that was algebra which I hated, even though I was good at it. I always hated it. Then I had foods class and was happy that Brian, Raquel and Kelsey were also taking the class and thankfully we were allowed to choose our own groups. Then I had ceramics with Tracy. To my surprise I was actually having an okay first day and was looking forward to a couple of slices of pizza for lunch. My friends and I sat at our usual table in one of the secluded corners of the cafeteria. That is when things went downhill. “Well if it isn’t the loser squad.” Said the overly feminine voice of one Nicole Kingman. She had once been part of our small group until she got a taste for the popular lifestyle around the sixth grade and completely changed. She stood there with a air of superiority that she thought she had. She was wearing an outfit that definitely wasn’t fallowing the dress code; a red spaghetti, strap crop top and a black mini skirt so short that if she bent over you would see her ass. I was sure that at some point one of the teachers would make her call her shopaholic, stay at home mother, to bring her a proper outfit. She wouldn’t. She would say something along the lines of “Just let her finish the day in what she has on and I’ll make sure she wears something that fallows the dress code tomorrow.” I used to feel sorry for Nicole, her mother never paid her much attention and mostly expected her to take care of herself but that was because her mother had grown up spoiled and entitled and had neither the skills, patience, or maturity to raise a child. No Nicole was raised, mostly by her father, a hard-working and kind man. Unfortunately, she began to turn out like her mother a spoiled brat who got whatever she wanted. Nicole had long honey blonde hair and big blue eyes and a fair unblemished complexion but she had very thin lips and a nose that seemed to small for her face but she thought she was super model material. She wasn’t.

“Get lost bitch!” said Tracy.

“Sorry I don’t talk to trailer trash.” Nicole said sticking her nose in the air.

“What do you want queen harpy?” Hallie asked.

“What do I need an excuse to come and see some old friends?” Nicole asked with false innocence.

“Former friends; you stopped being our friend a long time ago.” Said Kelsey.

“Just because I rose in the social ranks is no reason for any of you to be bitter.”

“We ain’t bitter but we don’t associate with she devils.” said Raquel.

“And what do you say Sarah? Do you share these feelings?” I didn’t speak only nodded. She wasn’t worth me wasting my breath on

“Oh that’s right, I forgot you don’t like to talk to people outside your little circle do you? And you call me stuck up.” I still didn’t answer.

“You know Sarah, if you weren’t so antisocial you wouldn’t still be single.”

“I’m not.” I finally said.

“Oh so you found someone willing to put up with your introvert nonsense?”

“Just because she’s an introvert and you can’t understand that doesn’t make it nonsense!” Tracy said.

“Like I care what trailer trash Tracy thinks.”

“Get lost skank!” I snapped at her. Nobody messed with my friends.

“What did you call me?” Nicole said clearly insulted.

“Skank or was that to complicated for you to understand? Maybe I should use your nickname from elementary school Nasty Nicki?”

“You bitch!” she said and made a move towards me. I think she was going to try to hit me but before she was able to she was blocked by a metal lunch tray being held by none other than Brian.

“Nicki, Nicki, Nicki, now I know you were not atemting to hurt one of my girl’s close personal friends were you?” he said tone casual, and smooth

“And so what if I was?” She asked in a bitchy tone

“Because if you so much as spat at Sarah my girl along with her friends would jump up and down on your stupid over inflated head and then probably murder you just for laughs and I know none of us want that right?” Brian explained to her.

Nicole looked around at our group with a glare before saying “You losers are not even worth my time and Sarah you most definitely are not worth it.” she said before storming off

“Good riddance.” I said as I watched her go then turned to look at Brian and smiled. “Thanks for the assistance Brian.”

“Hey anybody messes with my girl, or one of her friends and they mess with me; plus y’all know you are my sisters from another mister and I protect my own.”

“Still thanks your great.” After lunch was Spanish then PE, which I had with all my friends, then biology and then another study hall which Tracy also had. We spent most of the time passing notes only because that particular study hall teacher had a strict no talking rule. The last full minute of class I stared at the clock counting the seconds as they ticked by. Finally the bell rang letting us go. “So you want me to drop you off at home or at Draya’s house?” Tracy asked me.

“Neither. Draya is going to pick me up from school and I am spending the night at her house, so you don’t have to pick me up tomorrow, Draya will take me.”

“Okay cool see you tomorrow,” she said taking off to the student parking lot.

“See you tomorrow.” I say waving goodbye and heading towards the front of the school. I see Draya parked out front and begin making my way to her, but before I can get to her my path is blocked by none other than Nicole and Richie.

“Oh great dumb and dumber…what do you want?” I asked clearly not in the mood for this.

“To get even and this time your little friends aren’t around to save you.” she said sounding pleased with herself for getting me alone.

“No but I am” I smiled there stood Draya who was at least a foot taller than Nicole

“And who are you?” Nicole said attempting to sound superior.

“Her girlfriend and I highly suggest you step away from her now.” her tone was threatening and dangerous and I found it absolutely sexy

Nicole and Richie backed off instantly and Nicole was actually hiding behind Richie It was hilarious because as if Richie could do anything to stand against Draya. Honestly he would barely even slow her down. I smiled wide and instantly enveloped my angel in a hug ”Awww did someone miss me?”

“You have no idea; now let’s get the hell out of here the sooner we get to your place the sooner I get my cuddles.”

“You’ll hear no disagreements from me”

“Cause you can’t say no to me and cuddles” I said as she lead me to her car.

When we got to Draya’s house we went straight up to her room. We ordered Chinese food then turned on the flat screen and watched cold case on HBOMAX for the rest of the night. All things considered maybe my first day of junior year wasn’t so bad after all.

THE END story continues in story titled Homecoming Night

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