I look out of the window of this warm room, the lights of the houses opposite are on, there are people eating, some watching TV and some playing cards in the living room. I am alone, I approach the desk, turn on my tablet and write. Today was a cold day, the rain pushed me to return to the hotel, even though I would have gladly liked to stay around a little longer to observe, browse and experience the city.

This is my destiny, this is me, a wanderer who decides for himself. I am alone and do not depend on anyone. I am at peace with myself and I don't need anything else to live. I live on what surrounds me, I live on the smiles of children, on the looks of those who pass me by, I feed on words that I hear on the street, conversations that pass by, sudden screams of anger or fear, on games between children who run around street and laugh among themselves. Looks of envy or jealousy, hugs or fingers touching along the way. I feed on everything that flows in front of me, I take everything, without reserve, I take, I take and I accumulate. I record, photograph and do everything myself. And that's where I feel like the richest man in the world. Rich in fibers of true, sincere and unique humanity. I steal everything and take it with me around the world. I take, accumulate and then transform.

This great humanity fascinates me, I feed on it every day as much as I can, I remain ignorant of it from early morning until afternoon, sometimes even in the evening depending on how much material I have collected. I'm a collector of the first order, I take patterns, sounds, expressions, ways of doing things, then I mix them together and create from there!

In the morning I go around markets and fairs, I sit or lean in some corner and observe the beauty. I observe the truth that pulsates, lives and breathes. I fill my lungs with it and then blow it out onto pages.

At lunch time I always sit in a different room and study. I study people, I study everyone. The waiters, the customers, the owners, the dishes and the premises. I stay there to eat and in the meantime I take notes, record voice notes or live recordings. Sometimes it seems like I'm calling, but instead I've said everything I notice to my cell phone. I observe and take note. In the evening I go back to the hotel, rest a bit, have dinner, take a hot shower and then sit down to write.

I am the creator, I am their god. I put together all the collected material and mix it up, I think character sheets. Real characters, seen on the street, I bring their whole soul back into the story. Scene after scene they come to life. They become something even more real. They come to life in my head and are never spent again until they have told their story, until they have left their message. This is the magical spirit of fiction. I am their god and they are my soul, my life. I feed on them and give them a new life, I give them a voice to express themselves and live again in a new world, in mine.

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