I Know You.. I Know I Do

I don’t remember your face

or your name

or your favourite colour

or your favourite film.

I have no idea who you are,

but I know I lost you.

I lost something.

I don’t recall a single memory of you,

But I know you were there.

I remember that you made me smile

And laugh

I remember how warm you made me feel,


I can’t remember if we were lovers

Or just friends

Or perhaps sibling

But I know you were relevant,

I know I didn’t want to lose you..

But I did.

A dark cloud came,

Swept you away.

I can see myself crying

And I can hear your voice calling my name

But is it really your voice?

Did you sounds like that?

I can’t remember how your house looks

Or your room

Even though I know I went there

I went there all the time

And I know you had a teddy you treasured

But what was its name?

What did it look like?

Who are you?

What is your name?

Why can’t I remember you?

Were you more than a friend?

What did we do together?

Do you still remember me?

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