Walking Away

Darling I Want Your Love Tonight-

The Two Of Us Sharing The Dark Seems So Right-

I Want To Put My Heart In Your Hands-

So Maybe Me You Will Understand-

Let Us Drink From That Bottle Of Wine-

When We Are Together Everything Is Just Fine-

These Are The Things My Heart Tells Me-

Almost Like It Is Trying To Teach A Newborn Baby-

I Know Something Isn’t Right-

Why Is It We Fight-

Oh Why Do I Find Reasons To Lie-

It’s You That Makes Me Cry-

I Don’t Wear Makeup For Vanity-

I Hide The Bruises Caused By Your Insanity-

I Should’ve Left A Long Time Ago-

But It Isn’t Easy To Simply Let Go-

So I’ll Sit Here As We Dine-

Ill Try To Tell You That I Am No Longer Yours And You Are No Longer Mine-

We Have To Go Our Separate Ways-

Though My Heart Is Telling Me To Stay-

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