Uncle Tommy

Loretta was in love with Tommy. He was her husband’s brother, just come home after serving for Afghanistan. He was noble and loyal, except to his brother. He didn’t hate his brother. Of course he couldn’t hate his own brother, but after he had come back he fell for Loretta.

His brother, Kingston, was a psychopath. He clearly needed to be put into a mental hospital. He was pig headed and narcissistic. Kingston was away at a big important business trip when Tommy came back. He went straight to his brothers house to see his niece and nephew, Sara and Jonah, for Jonah’s 7 birthday party. Sara was 10.

After the party Loretta invited him to stay, so Tommy helped around the house for 2 weeks while Kingston was away. They only ever kissed once, never anything more, even though the tension was there.

The kids started to really like him. They started to think of him as more than just an odd estranged uncle that just moved back in. They started to love him.

Soon Sara would do just about anything to get Tommy to stay. She would beg him and make him food and do random things for him. Tommy appreciated this, but didn’t understand why she was doing it. By the fourth week Kingston was finally home again.

Sara hugged her daddy, but knew that he wasn’t the same. He was more distant and detached then before. She knew something had happened when he was away. She even saw her daddy being detached with her mommy. That was weird. He loved her mommy more than anyone in the world. He wouldn’t ignore her like this. He wouldn’t treat her like this. Sara thought that she understood what had happened.

At the dinner table one night, when Daddy was being feral towards uncle Tommy about “sleeping with” mommy, Sara had an idea. Mommy did sleep with Tommy sometimes. He would go into the office with her and wouldn’t come out until she had gone to bed. That has to mean that they were sleeping together.

“Kingston, you’re being irrational,” Mommy yelled at Daddy.

“I would never do that to you! With your own brother too? I can’t believe you’d think that.”

“Yeah, King, just calm down,” Uncle Tommy said.

“Mommy and Uncle Tommy sleep together all the time. Most weeks. Sometimes on the weekends. Uncle Tommy loves us and Mommy,” Sara said. Everyone, including her little brother turned to Sara.

“What did she say!?” Daddy shouted. Mommy glared at Sara.

“She’s lying, Kingston. Sara go to your room right now!”

Sara didn’t want to go to her room. But she did. She listened to the adults scream at each other after Jonah shot up the stairs to his room.

After that night, Daddy was soon gone. He moved to where his business trip was. Uncle Tommy moved in and three days after Sara turned 11, Mommy and Uncle Tommy got married. Sara was the flower girl.

Sara’s plan had worked.

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