The Little Man’s Warning

The young maiden walked sullenly through the thick forest. She was both sad and happy. Her father had died but her step mother seemed really kind and caring. As the maiden walked further and further into the maze of trees she began to hear the shuffle of tiny feet. Panicked, she picked up the pace only to realise the owner of the footsteps did the same.

“Who’s there?” She yelled. No response. No shuffling. Nothing.

After a while the maiden continued, staying weary of the the mysterious footsteps. Then she heard it. The same shuffling feet from before but this time they sounded further ahead. Suddenly, a man with a ginger beard and bald head jumped out from behind a bush.

The man was small and barely came up to the maidens waist. He wore a little brown pants, a little green top and what seemed to be a cardigan on top.

“Oh my! Who are you strange man?” The maiden said, clearly startled.

“I be no one m’lady. But I also be someone. Ain’t matter nay how miss.” The little man said.

“How can you be no one and someone at the same time?”

“Simple! Born a someone but be a no one! But it ain’t mattering still.”

“Why do you talk like that?”

“Ya ask a wee lot a question ya do. And I ain’t be knowing reason for me silly chit chat.” The man rolled his eyes, tired of the maidens questions. “Anyways I be a messenger today.”

The maiden nodded to the little man signalling him to continue.

“The lady of the house,” he began, “she’s not who she says she is.” With that he rolled into a ball and sped away before the young maiden could say anything else.

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