The Only Way

It was the only way. It truly was.

I’m caked in blood and need to get out of here before another car passes through. Trust me when I say that it could have been much worse. This was the best case scenario for everyone involved.

How did I end up here? Let me take you back to the start. It was those damn demons! They found me lurking in the woods and drained me of my blood and left me to suffer. Being that they are the servants of the underworld they’re the only beings that can eat other evil.

I was just looking to catch a quick bite that’s all, but they don’t like when you eat in their turf. Hence the reason why they left me weak. I couldn’t just nurse my way back to life with simple animal blood, I needed a lot more than that.

I think you can guess where this is going. After gaining a little strength from a nearby toad, I was able to dig out a gopher. The more I went along the bigger the prey, but it still wasn’t enough. I needed the real crimson red stuff. It was the only way I’d get my full strength back. So I did what I had to.

This car accident that you find me here at right now, let’s just say it was no accident. I knew exactly where to collide with them and how. It was just a matter of timing it. As soon as they hit me like a brick wall causing them to go off the cliff, I knew it was feeding time. I could have drained only one of them and left the other to live. I really only needed one human, but for a vampire like me that hasn’t tasted human blood in over a century. I didn’t just need more, I craved more. So much for having any will power.

So now you know the ugly truth. It truly was the best case scenario,cause I really could have eaten a lot more people had it been anywhere else. It was the only way I could keep surviving as a vampire.

It was the only way.

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