Lost Love

"Stop teasing me you meanie!" I let out with a soft chuckle, nudging the man on my right. A smile spreads across my lips as he gives me a mischievous grin, before returning a push back causing me to stumble slightly along the soft grains of sand under my bare feet.

"Your reactions are too entertaining for me to not tease you, lovely." Daniel retorts, amusement and humour dancing in his eyes as I glare up at him with flushed cheeks from the nickname. "See! You are too cute!" He chuckles, intertwining our fingers as we stroll further along the shores.

The sun is reaching its end as it drifts down the skyline, heading toward its nightly slumber. The sky painted in gradients of pinks and oranges indicating the sun's farewell; purples and blues drifting from above preparing for the moon's greeting.

I shake my head, chuckling under my breath.

"Hey, would ya look at that?" I turn my head to Daniel.

"What is it?" I ask, straining my eyes over the area in front of us, only seeing the ocean pulling in and out and just sand amongst sand. We pause to a halt in our walking, Daniel lifts his arm to point at something in the shore.

I narrow my eyes, my already not so brilliant eye sight impairing my attention to detail. "I don't see anything."

Daniel scoffs with a laugh, dragging me closer to the water's edge. "Just in the water," he pulls us closer till our bare feet are blanketed in a thin layer of the salty ocean, "See?!"

And I see it, a wine bottle still in tact bobbing up and down in the shallows of the water, dragging back forth along with the tide. It's caught in some seaweed or maybe some sand, as it stays mostly in place not drifting too far back to the ocean. I gasp, letting go of Daniel's warm hand as I run to the bottle however running in water is proven difficult as I more than once stumble, wetting my bare knees and hands.

"It is a bottle! Daniel! I think there is a note! Oh my God Daniel, there is a note!" I yell out in childish glee, hurrying to grab the bottle out of the water's cage. I hear his laugh from a few meters behind me while he casually catches up to my happy strides. I look at the bottle, trying to read the label but the ink has been washed away with the rub of the salty water, it's glass structure still somewhat new and shined green against the setting sun.

"Can you please open it Daniel? I'm too weak." I ask with humour, handing him the bottle as I eye the slightly faded note inside. He nods, smiling before unscrewing the bottle's lid, turning the bottle upside down as the note drops out. He reads it.

" ' Return to Rose Jackson 64 Price Street, VIC ' "

A letter is attached.

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