The Whisper Of The Trees


“Shwsh shwshhhh”


The trees talked to eachother. She could hear them but not make out what they said. But then one day

“It has to happen”



Confused, she kept walking, wanting to find out more.

“Are you sure it was today?”


Tired of only hearing ‘today’ she tried to gain more information about it. But that was impossible

“Are you ready?”

“For today? Of course”

Now, fed up, she shouted out “What is happening today?!”

The trees fell silent. The leaves sat still.

“Will any one of you tell me what is going on?!” She cried at the trees

But not a single tree made a noise. With a huff, she turned on her heel and headed out of the forest.

The trees didn’t start to talk until the girl was far gone. For they weren’t supposed to be heard. The trees whispers were confidential. And that’s how they would stay.

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