Gingerbread Fun

My day started out, when my dog somehow snuck in my room, and chewed up my blanket, pillow and my

Book report. I stayed up late to finish it, and Ma freaked out when she opened my door and saw the mess.

I haven’t exactly been a sainted teenager pulling tricks, teasing the innocent youngsters when I could.

Tried to be a tough kid but Ma caught on and let me know it. I came home from school, late due to

The detention, due to the hungry dog. My punishment was to spend the next few hours with our

Elderly neighbor Mrs. Danbury.

I sheepishly went next door, with Ma pushing me along like a persistent parent going to school. I could

Smell gingerbread, as the front door opened, as Ma went home as quick as can be, leaving me alone

With Mrs. D.

‘Come in little one and let’s have something to eat, like gingerbread and cold milk, ok’, she asked with

A twinkle in her third eye. She quickly put on her lens, and served me my grub. Yummy warm soft

Treats, what more could a kid ask for. As I finished off my fourth piece of sweet, the back door opened.

Three more Mrs. D’s walked into the kitchen, as the original Mrs. D. Explained, one D for yesterday, today

And tomorrow, just in case I needed them.

I wonder to myself, do they do book reports, dog behavior and do they bake as well as Mrs. D herself. Being

Here isn’t so bad, as I reach for another yummy, as a big smile appears.

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