The Day Harriet Returned

Cold. Windy. Dark. Her hair blew around her as she stood in my doorway.


Harriet Bond went missing 2 months ago. No one knew why but rumours spiralled in school.

“I heard she ran away…”

“She ran off with a boy from the village…”

“I heard she was murdered…”

“She just skiving. We know she’s a freak so she would do this sort of thing…”

“Did you hear? She apparently killed herself…”

“I think she got into an accident…”

“At least we don’t have to deal with that stupid freak anymore…”

Some girls were worried, others were glad, some made fun of it all, and the majority just didn’t care or didn’t know how to feel. I was worried. Despite all the things people said about her, Harriet was a close friend of mine.

And now…


She stood at my doorway. Her skin was pale, her eyes wide and scared. Her once beautiful silky back hair was now knotted and wild and.. bloody..? She had no shoes on and wore only a plain grey dress that was also drenched in blood. I could see cuts on her legs and arms, there was one scar that ran along her cheek.

“Harriet?” I tried asking again. She didn’t respond.

The rumours around school got worse. People started theorising she was kidnapped or…

Some girls continued to laugh and joke. It made me sick.

“Kidnapped? Hah! Don’t be daft who would take an ugly pig like her?”

They would burst into fits of giggles. God it made me sick. Who would joke about things like this?


No response. Suddenly, she fell forward and I caught her.

“Harriet?!” Crap! I held her close and grabbed my phone from the side. The blood from her cuts covered me. I felt like throwing up. As quickly as possible, I dialled 999. How did she even find my address? She’s only ever been to my house once or twice before so how the hell did she find me?

“Harriet? Harriet, stay with me. Please. Crap!” A tear falls down my cheek.

“E-Eliz… a.. be.. th…” Harriet mumbled. Her voice was quiet, weak and croaky.

It hurt to see her like this.

“Harriet? Yes! It’s me! Stay awake for me okay?”

Hope ran through my body. Harriet only managed a slow, small nod but it was enough.

That was when the police came in, an ambulance waiting outside. It must have looked like I did it from the amount of her blood that was on my clothes.

It took ages for Harriet to recover. Turns out her arm was broken and her ankle was fractured. The police interrogated me and I told them everything honestly. Once Harriet was better she came home with me. She told me her parents kicked her out and.. a few other things I’d rather not mention. She got better and brighter and soon enough she was Harriet again. Her eyes became that bright blue I remember and her hair returned to its silky form. Her skin regained colour and most of her cuts healed while others stayed as permanent scars. Everyday I tell her how beautiful she is and that the scars only add to that beauty. I tell her she means the world to me and I won’t ever let anything happen to her.

Harriet smiles now. She’s happy again. I think deep down it still hurts her but she definitely feels safer and I’m glad.

The rumours stopped but some girls still whispered. I could tell it bothered Harriet. I tell her that their opinions don’t matter. They can talk all they like because they are insignificant compared to her. That always makes Harriet smile.

Me and Harriet. Together again.

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