Bad News

I just got the call

I’m going to be mother

I’ve always wanted this

Is what i would say if i did

I don’t even want this relationship

Let alone a baby

I’m not even attracted to men

I was forced to marry him

And he wants me

He uses me

But no one believes me

I can’t stand myself

I think i blame myself

Its not my fault though

I don’t think so, anyway

I only like woman

And I’m asexual

This relationship is the opposite of that

He forces me to satisfy him everyday

I can’t feel anything anymore

I hate every second of it

I don’t know why i always do this

Allow him to take advantage of me

Maybe I’m just weak

He’s walking in

Oh god

He’s smirking


Hi! I wrote this about a woman stuck in a abusive relationship (you could probably already tell that but whatever). This has never happened to me, but i do include features anout myself in the story, such as being lesbian and asexual. Have a good day/night, and i love you. Bye!

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