What The Void Worships

The flow of the world on my skin cooling the essence of my soul with undying

flashes of

Blue movements twisting into

visions of lives.

thrown to the abyssal plain to give


to true oblation as we fall deep within the ribs of the world.

screaming upon horizons.

cold lights.

beaming the sensation of salt and blood on the lives that reside within the depths.

I allow the world to cover my flesh

I embrace the cold of it all beginning to slowly let my lungs fill with the profound cold embrace, understanding

My soul

Will reside

Within the beautiful



The waves of the world bring nosies of splashing.

manic laughter

my lips begin to intake the salt of the world.

My eyes roll back

My lungs are full

Cold crossing my flesh

The noise of waves


The gun in my mouth couldn’t stop the water of the beautiful


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