The Dragon Globe

For centuries, the world has thought that the Drakon shifters no longer exist, that the last Drakon shifter died protecting the secrets of the Drakon. Drakon once existed side by side with humanity and dragon kind acting as a bridge between the two.

The brilliant gold and silver lights echoed through the Dragon globe, occassionally a purple, green, red or blue light would twitter for just a second before the brighter gold and silver lights of the dragon globe soared to life.

The globe raised in the air, spinning and twirling as if trying to decide what to do. It hummed as it released a high pitched sound. The lights brightened to blinding quality before dimming away to reveal the form of six small figures on the ground surrounding the dragon globe….

Six, small Drakon children, with scales of gold, silver, blue, green, red and purple. The gold and silver Drakon children seems larger than the other four.

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