main character syndrome

do you ever feel like the main character?

it’s okay, sometimes, i do, too.

maybe it’s when i’m listening to songs from reputation.

maybe it’s when i start writing again after a writers block.

maybe it’s when I score a goal in field hockey.

but it’s always important to remember

that other people have their own lives, too

no, seriously, think about it.

that girl sitting by herself at lunch?

she’s a first-generation immigrant who just moved halfway schoss the world.

that boy who acts like he’s better than everyone else?

he’s still trying to accept that his parents left him because of his disability.

that substitute teacher the class laughed at yesterday?

he’s working all kinds of odd jobs to feed his three children.

that person heading towards the school counselor’s office?

they were disowned by their parents for choosing a different identity.

we all have our stories

we all have our flaws

we weren’t created equal

so we have to make it that way

some of us are more fortunate than others

while other have to climb extra stairs

so get rid of that

main character syndrome

this isn’t just your story

open up the book

and add a few more chapters.

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