The Others

“Fuck”!. I yell out in pain as our spacecraft continues to go into a spiral crash. Three… four….. finally, it stops.

I lay there in pain, my leg was crushed by the desk and the computers.

“Is everyone alright”?.


“Ughhh, what just happened”!. Jennette yells out.

“Umm well I’m just gonna take a lucky guess n say we just crashed, Jennette”. Laury snaps back at Jennette’s question.

“Everyone be quite, we don’t know where we just landed, how much time we’ve jumped, or what happened in space to even cause the accident! We don’t have time to argue or ask silly questions. Now is anybody hurt”? Andres yells out.

“Yes! I am. My leg is crushed under all of the equipment”. I try to lift myself up, and shift my weight to my upper body.

Andres gets up slowly and rushed over to my side. He looks at the mess, then back at me with worry wearing on his face.

“What’s wrong”? I ask him.

“Oh my gosh, oh my go—“. Jennette screams while looking down at my leg.

As I see everyone’s reactions I grow worried. I look down at my leg again.

“It’s honestly not that bad…. Right”? Laury looks at Andres for confirmation. He doesn’t look back at her.

*Bang Bang Bang*


“Shit, who is that”? Jennette ask in a shaky quiet whisper. Andres puts his finger over his mouth, then looks back at my leg.

*Bang Bang Bang*


“Fuck what do we do”? Laury ask Andres.

“You two, get this shit off of Jose, and try to get him up. Jose I need you not to freak out, okay? Everything gonna be okay. Plus you gonna always get a prosthetic leg. You’ll be fine”


“Prosthetic leg? What would I need a prosthetic le-“ I ask confused, as Jennette and Laury begin to pull everything off me. I look down at my legs and realize my left leg had been completely severed from my body.


“Hey Jose I need you to try and put your weight into your right side, okay. You need to try and walk”. That was one thing I loved about Jennette she was always so kind. So many things flooded my mind. My fucking leg is gone and no-“

*Andres opens the door*

*He gasp*

“Is this some kind of joke”, he proceeds to step off the air craft. It was strange because there was no more shouting. Soon Jennette on my right and Laury on my left help me out.

I stare…

“What is this”? Laury ask while looking at the others

“Why do they look like us”. Jennette starts to become scared as she looks at someone had taken her out of a picture and pasted it into reality.

I look around, everything is the same from back home. This is exactly how everything looked the day we left for our mission. The weather, the scenery, the outfits the others had on.

I look at Andres, he doesn’t break contact with his clone. I look at Jennette and she looks like she’s about to shit her pants. Finally I look over at Laury who is staring deeply at the side of Andres face. She looks worried, scared. That’s an emotion I’ve never seen her wear before.

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