She’s So Fake

She absolutely disgusts me. That might sound harsh but I had tried to love her——really I had—— she’s just….unlovable.

Her name is Brielle. She dresses solely in bubblegum pink so she has a “trademark style,” but I know for a fact, she doesn’t even like the color pink. Her face is caked in a mess of makeup that people have the audacity to compliment her on. Just by looking at her, you can tell that she is fake. Talking to her removes all doubt.

She pitches her voice in an annoying excited tone just to get attention. She’s so needy. I don’t think she has a single genuine friend.

One day at lunch, little miss try-hard bubblegum Brielle was approached by the football quarterback, Chase Sanders. Brielle pretty much orbited Chase every day and dreamed of him at night.

She thought no one knew. She was wrong.

“Brielle? Will you go to prom with me?”

Brielle’s heart dropped and her face seemed to radiate joy, but before she could answer, Chase broke out into a fit of laughter.

He looked back to the rest of the team who were all laughing. Brielle was stupid enough to be confused at what was happening. She realized the truth soon enough.

“She actually thought Chase would go with her?”

“Did you see her face?!? Priceless!”

“Geez, Brielle, learn how to take a joke!”

Tears came to Brielle’s eyes and shame weighed heavy on her chest. She fled to the bathroom with the entire cafeteria’s eyes trained on her back. Even I felt sorry for her and I can’t stand the girl.

In the bathroom, Brielle’s tears became ugly sobs. (Not going to lie, she’s an ugly crier.) She collapsed on the ground exhausted. She spent every single minute of every single day trying to remold herself into someone people liked. But once again she was rejected by all.

She finally got up off the ground after an embarrassing amount of time—no one came to check on her—and looked into the mirror. I looked back and twisted my face in repulsion.

Why couldn’t I be someone other than Brielle?

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