The treehouse

“I wanna build a treehouse, mommy”

I wish I were that child

I wish a were still pretending to live

A life that was untamed and wild

I wish I still pretended

That I had kids of my own

I wish I still pretended to have

A house in a tree for a home

I wish that cooking was magic

That laundry appeared in my drawer

I wish that I could go camping

In blanket tents on the living room floor.

I wish that living life was still my dream

Oh how I longed for it as a kid,

To do the things that grownups do

Was still just a game in my head.

What if I stopped to consider

That life is still a magical thing

That I have a parent in heaven

Watching over and caring for me

Food appears on my table

The bills are always paid

Spring comes around after winter

Night returns after day

I’m still just a child

Because I didn’t put me here

I’m not really in charge

So I’m gonna face life without fear

And enjoy my house on a planet

As much as my son

Enjoys his house in the tree.

For neither of us need to worry about what life will bring.

For we’re both just kids.

To the Great Deity.

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