I look around at my friends. Comrades. We’ve all gathered for an important mission. Boris wearing a faded shirt that barely covers his hairy stomach. Tiffany and Stephanie (don’t get them confused!) in matching miniskirts and heels that are inappropriate for today’s assignment. Alphonso Romeo in his usual army getup that strains against his muscles. And me, Roxy, in my jeans and sweater.

We wait for Captain Eli’s command, patiently. On his signal we march and attack the evil multicoloured Aliens who are holding little Buddy hostage. We are filled with rage at his kidnapping- he gives the best hugs.

“We must attack, now!” commands our brave and revered captain. Immediately we rush forward. In waves, we attack the Aliens and knock them to the ground. We storm the tower where Buddy is being held and-

“Eli, Dinner’s ready!” calls Josephine from the kitchen.

“Coming mom!” he runs downstairs.

Alas, our mission is put on hold. Stephanie and Tiffany- wait, did I get them mixed up again?- lean against Boris’ paws, giving their rubbery legs a break (but not literally, because they don’t want to end up like Brittany) and Alphonso Romeo uses his kung-fu grip to tear down a Lego block from the tower to sit on. I can hear buddy wagging his tail and the scattered Aliens trying in vain to stand upright again.

I stand and face the door, waiting for our fearless leader’s return. Or for his sister Zoë to come in and take us girls back to her dollhouse.

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