Watercress Chest

Reach your hand into my chest

And crest my heart

Nest it in your palms

Bring it towards yours

And synchronize with me

Understand my beating

My rhythm

My dance

My flow

My essence

Mix it with yours and create a waltz

And pepper in the stepping

A leap into the unknown

A brew of connection

A drunken entropy

A mindless soulful union

Don’t tell me what you want with my heart

Listen to what yours wants instead

Place them together and

See how they mingle

How they play

How they melt into each other seamlessly

Rush into each other like water

And fill up the cups of our souls

Cup my heart in your hand

Meld it with the cusp of your being

Do only what your heart tells you

What it feels is right

Let the coordinates of the circadian become what rules us

Give your brain a break

Give your soul some wonder

And don’t assume what your heart will do with mine

Because a heart is going to beat


So let it beat

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