Russian Roulette

A dare.

A bet.

A spin on all his luck.

With his life as the stake

And a gun to be struck.

His buddy’s begged him not to

And the old man chuckled and grinned.

“Are you scared your going to die

Are you a coward deep within?”

“Like your father was that day

When we played this very game

And your mother was the stake

Will you beg like he once did?”

With a last plea from his friends

He took a step towards the old man

And he nodded

Then he placed,

His gun down on the ground.

The old man grabbed the guns

And placed a round into each one

Then he spun them both around

Until they were mixed and done.

The old man took the nearest gun

And he grabbed the other one.

When they pointed the muzzle to their heads

There was no time left to run.



One dead.

The old man’s body fell to the floor.

But is wasn’t his gun that pulled the trigger,

But the gun of the man across.

The old man cheated

But so did he,

He used his fully loaded gun.

Two can play the game of killer

If only one of them can run.

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