It’s finally today! The day I’ve been waiting for is today! After all this time and he is finally coming home. Mama, my siblings, and I all waited at the airport for his plane to arrive. Apparently it had been delayed.

It’s been six months since I’ve last seen him. Oh, I could barely count the minutes until his plane landed. We were by his exit waiting only twenty more minutes the speaker announced.

Twenty to fifteen, fifteen to ten, ten to five, until…

“Why hasn’t the plane arrived yet?” I heard many people asking. Someone working here said that there was a delay and it should be here in twenty to an hour.

Twenty minutes to an hour lasted for four hours. We had tried everything to contact dad but he was replying. After many people demanded to know where the plane was and asked to speak with a manager or someone who would know what’s going on, someone finally came.

He was a tall, skinny, man, with a grey beard. He had a grieving look on his face. Many people started pressing him as soon as they saw him.

“Please, hold your questions until I finish speaking.” His voice booms in this crowed place. He continues saying, “I know that some of you are waiting for loved one, friends, acquaintances, and so on to get off this plane and to continue on with your lives. But, I have some grave news. T-the pl-plane. Well we’ve lost all transmission and we can’t find it.”

There were a few gaps heard around the room. I felt like I was getting sick. Mama had turned pale and a few tears had shed from my siblings. “The last we saw of the plane.” He stopped to take a breath then carried on, “It was headed straight down and most likely crashed into the Pacific Ocean. It’s doubted that there are any survivors. The marines have already gotten involved. I apologize for your losses and for waiting your time. Good night.” He walked back away, his face saddened, and shaking his head, back and forth.

We went back home in shock. My mother just sat down on the couch with a distant look in her eyes. My siblings they were holding each other, bawling. I, I was in the bathroom, throwing up.

I couldn’t believe what happened today. How could this happen? Why did this happen? Is there a chance that he would be able to make it? Could he have survived? What if he is alive right now? What are we going to do?

On the day we all couldn’t have waited for maybe we should have been cherishing each video and phone call. We should have been happy to at least get to talk to him. Out all all the days this could have happen did this have to happen today. Oh how I wished that this long awaited day wasn’t today.

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