Death Wish - Unfinished - 5/20/23

Eternal Darkness was something the witch had promised for thousands of years. Though after she was banished nobody really took it seriously. Now it has been hundred years since her banishing and life is great... for everyone else. I'm what people call a 'Death Seeker' but not only is that inaccurate, it is offensive. I don't seek death, death just follo0ows me around. Let's see if I can explain, whenever someone turns 10 years old they get a special power. Every power is different, mine is a special kind of foreshadowing. I can feel different emotions based on what is going to happen, Anyway, Death Seekers are a person who heads on a dangerous journey to protect our ancestry. Most of us encounter death in one way or another. I started my journey the day I got my power, the day I started to feel this heavy weight on my shoulders. I have traveled around the land of which we have lived for 5 years. Most recently, I have been looking into rumor of a wannabe witch. I am currently outside a cave, the closest I have ever been to figuring this out. Walking in, I feel a cold chill run down my spine. A split second later a swarm of bats came flying out. That's gotta be a bad omen. Oh well.

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