When I was young, people would always tell me I would be a heartbreaker. I don’t think this is what they meant…

“You did not…” my brother’s voice trails off. He looks at the scenery with absolute horror. I would, too, if only I wasn’t in the middle of it. Me, standing in the treasured room with trophies, broken bits and shards on the ground around me of what used to be a glass heart sculpture. I stare at him with wide eyes. This isn’t good. We’ve only been here for a little over a week, and this is what our millionaire parents get for adopting us.

“You don’t think they’ll notice, right?” I ask in denial.

My brother stared me down with flying daggers. “No. It was only Ms. Mom’s favourite art piece in the entire mansion.” He sighs with frustration. “What we’re you thinking?!”

“I don’t know! I wasn’t thinking at all! I don’t…” I grow pale. “They won’t unadopt us, would they?”

My brother thinks hard. “I don’t know. Is that even a thing?”

“Even if it isn’t, it’s far too likely to become one.” I find my way around the glass and get out of the crime scene to stand next to my twin. He takes my hand and grips onto me tightly. We both stare at the broken heart.

“What do we do now?” I ask.

“Get super glue and pray mom will stay in the store for longer,” a voice says from behind. We turn around and find Mr. Dad walking up to us with his hands behind his back and a grin on his face.

My brother stutters to find the right words to explain this. “Mr. Dad, we are so very sorry for this. Forgive me, it’s all my fault.”

I frown. “No. No, it’s my fault.”

“I take the blame.”

“But the blame is on me!”

“Andrea, stay quiet.”

I look at Mr. Dad. “Don’t listen to him. I broke the heart.”

My brother was about to object when Mr. Dad’s laugh silences us. “Andrea, Adam. It’s alright. This isn’t the end of the world. Stay calm, we’ll quickly fetch the glue and with a bit of luck, mom won’t even notice.” He snickered. “And for goodness sake, stop calling me Mr. Dad.”

“You’re not mad?” I ask in confusion.

“Not at all. This wasn’t my favourite, honestly,” Mr. Dad answers.

“What if Ms-“ Adam paused to correct himself. “What if mom sees this?”

Mr. Dad went up behind us and placed his hands on our shoulders, leading us out. “If Mom finds out, I’ll take the blame. Deal?” He smiles at us.

We smile back. “Deal.”

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