Life Is A Montage

Life is a montage

Memories floating in and out

Random words and carefully chosen songs bring colors then black.

Texas Sun

Crawfish and Tears

Turtle in a Dirty Bathroom

Beer and FUCK in the church

Brother snaps then takes a nap

Stories and tight hugs

Cigarettes and Coronas

I keep looking for you to ask questions like “where’s the bathroom and where’s the trash can and bottle opener?”

I’m gasping for oxygen in the open air

Why am I here?

Because of You…here because you are NOT.

Red faced and shakey hands

Breakfast that takes 3 hours

Salt and pepper on avocados

Acts of Service

Acts of Love

Genuine love for fur babies

Unsolicited advice





Warm beer and acid

Weirdest movies of ALL time

Pacing the floors with hand filled pockets

Thousands of selfies

Canned heat and yard work

High school stories galore

Anxiety and Adulthood

Cacti and Creepy Sculptures

Leonard Cohen and Dread

Imperfect yet complete. Gentle yet passionate. Beautiful laughter with doubt.

There’s no way I could ever capture the essence of who you were. I am so fucking sad that you are gone but so indescribably happy you existed in my life at all.

And despite the pain I hope this montage never ends.

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