wrong person

snow lands on top

those blonde curls

the mysterious blue eyes

the smile

the laugh

the tear

I wish you were real

I wish I was fictional

they call you mean

they call you rude

they call you thoughtless

or manipulative

but I know

I know that we’re all just human

we are all like that

you were just more unlucky

than the rest

I want to hug you

to hold you tight

to kiss your forehead

and boop your nose

and tell you that

everything will be alright

it wasn’t your fault

you became that way

lucy gray baird

like water she seeped in

underneath the swirling waves

convinced with sweet words

you fell, like snow during winter

gone, like she’d never been there

roses were a tainted memory

always hearing her in the breeze

you were once happy and young

but those times were long gone

all that’s happened will not repeat

it’s written in the stars or I

dare to say, woven in our souls

it sounds ridiculous

but I’ve never loved someone so much

he’s only a character

but I want to be with him

by his side

just to see him smile again

I wanted to tell him

that things would be fine

even if it’s a lie

even if it’s impossible

I loved him

he loved her

you loved

only to realize

sometimes, we fall in love

with the wrong person.

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