Before The Bombs Drop

“We need to begin,” Charlie says. “Tonight.”

“Too risky,” Flynn replies and shakes his head. “Edith will see us before we even get close.”

“That’s only if we work slow,” Cody points out. “If we follow accordingly to our plan, the bombs will drop before the clock strikes midnight. After the smoke settles we’ll be long gone. Preferably with the moonstone.”

“You’re underestimating Edith’s power,” Flynn said. “She sees what you all think before you even think it. We need to work smarter.”

Charlie abruptly stood from the table we all gathered at. “You don’t understand, do you? This is war! If we don’t do this now, she’ll know we’re in the country.”

“We only get one shot at this,” Flynn reminded. “I want to put this to an end as much as you do. But we can’t go running into the clearing unarmed.”

Charlie laughed humourlessly and pointed at me. “Unarmed? Besides, we got people on our side who are as willing to kill that witch. I say we do it now. Today. Before we regret it.”

Flynn looked at Cody.

“Sorry,” Cody replied. “I’m with her on this one.”

Flynn sighed and dropped his eyes, thinking hard. He raised them up again to look into mine. “And you?”

I considered all possible outcomes of our stunt. Worst case scenario would be if we get caught and are all killed before the bombs drop. But that wouldn’t be much of a reason not to go, because every one of us has seen and experienced so much- we’re all resigned to the idea already. It wouldn’t be surprising.

But then I think of everyone who didn’t make it to this table. Thea. Lexi. Tommy. Chase. Paul.


“We do it tonight,” I say finally and stand. “And we’re getting rid of that mistake of a witch.”

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