Just Another Minute

As I lay here, in this bed. With my covers over my face, and the sun glimmering through my blinds. I always think, how is there never enough time. Restless nights to only awaken with dry eyes. ‘Just one more minute’, I think to myself. Laying here when the many thoughts start to plague my mind. “What is the point?”. “Life is so uninteresting”. “I don’t even feel alive”. I lay here still thinking, ‘just one more minute”, I have time. Now the sun is beaming through my blinds. ‘It’s time to get up’, I think to myself. It’s time to live another day, in complete insanity. I chuckle to myself, “one day I’ll go mad”. I say in a quiet whisper. As I still lay in my bed, curled up under the blankets. ‘Just another minute’, I still have time.

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