The pound of horse hooves sing in the air. The flames of burning buildings and houses light up the cold night sky. The pump of my heart is screaming in my ears as is the burning pain of the wounds that mar my skin.

I search and search. Looking to see any familiar face that hasn’t been mauled beyond recognition.

“Ana! Cole! Anyone,” I cry. The emotion of calling those names are heavy yet empty with the slightest amount of hope that they had survived.

I crouch behind a box, the smells of rotting meats emanating from it and invading my lungs. I glance around, my vision taking in the scene fully then the sight of a giant beast, a steed the color of crimson and atop it a holy yet immoral creature, who’s skin is blemished with holy glyphs of glowing red.

My eyes widen, the sight of him overwhelming. He sits aloft the horse as though he is doing a great work, but that is not the case at all.

He has been sent to do the lord’s work, to contain humans and bite back our influence of the world. The bright colors of orange and red accentuate the hilt of his sword; glinting and gleaming. It looks deadly yet beautiful, the sleek iron clad blade adorned with the blood of the weak and impure in the eyes of God.

He is the embodiment of War. The pain, the chaos, the bloodshed. The sentiment emanating from him. You feel it as soon as he gallops through your world with such crass.

He he continues on, the blare of the beasts hooves slowly fading off in the distance. He may seem gone for now but it is certain that he will return to conclude his mission. That is apparent, he will leave none untouched or still breathing the air on this living hell. War, that is his name and is purpose on this world.

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