Because I Can...?

"You're not getting away this time!" Goble shouted.

"I better." Kils growled to himself.

Kils flew quickly behind a building and hid. When Goble didn't appear, he cautiously peeked his head out of his spot. That's when Goble grabbed him and tossed him against the wall of the building nearby.

Kils groaned as he hit it and fell.

Goble flew down and stood before him. "I told you, Kils."

Kils looked up at him with blood trickling from his mouth. "I guess you did."

Goble sneered.

Kils got up and tried to fly away. Goble grabs his leg and throws him back down. He hits the wall with a growl.

"Try again next time." Goble laughed.

Kils smiled and got up again. "Oh I will." he bursted off the ground and managed to get away.

Goble quickly followed, slowly getting bigger.

Kils turned around. "Oh shit."

Goble flung his hand and knocked Kils down. He quickly recovered and headed straight for the Mayor's building.

"Hey! You can't go there!" Goble shouted angrily.

"Then try and stop me!" Kils shot back.

"Oh I will." Goble promised.

Kils made it to the building and tossed one of his bombs. Goble quickly reached it too and tossed the bomb back at Kils. Kils flew back at the force and Goble returned to a normal size.

Kils rushed back and tossed another bomb. It exploded right near Goble, who used the smoke to get close to Kils and pull him down. Kils grunted as Goble moved his hands to his throat. He tried praying his large fingers away.

"They'll never come off, idiot. Geez, villains these days." Goble rolled his eyes.

Kils struggled to breath. Citizens started crowding around them and praising their oh-so-precious hero.

"Just kill him already!"

"Goble saved us again!"

"Down with Kils!"

One of the people around pulled a camera out. Goble noticed and dropped Kils. Kils gasped for air.

Goble was already at the person, posing for a picture with them. A bunch of others pulled their cameras out and took pictures with him too. Kils just watched and growled.

He pulled one last bomb out and held it above his head. He rose up and threw it, right between himself and Goble.

"No villain, no hero." he whispered.

The bomb hit the ground and exploded with a bunch of smoke. It was done.

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