Was It Necessary

“Did you think I was over reacting?” Lily got into the car, asked her girlfriend Emma, before she shut the door.

“No, just a little bit. I mean, yes.” Emma’s hand on the door paused, then sighed, “is it really necessary?”

“We were on time. But the lady was having us to wait for another hour so she would have time ‘for both clients’. She double booked! It was her mistake. Why would she want to waste our time!” Lily’s eyes almost got red again.

“That’s frustrating, indeed. I know you were very upset. But was the yelling, calling names, shouting necessary Lily, just for a short wait. “

“Short?! She said an hour! That was terrible! And you, you didn’t say a word!”

“Lily, I know. I just…” Emma passed a tissue to Lily, “ you didn’t need to.”

“That locked account is the last place we might have money. We’ve been waiting for your surgery for a year. “

“So an extra hour doesn’t matter. “

For Emma, it was a storm in a teacup. An hour, a month, or a year doesn’t matter any more. Time lost its weight in waiting and chronical pain. She wasn’t sure if she wants to go through another surgery. Was there hope?

But that storm was in the ocean for Lily.

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