Dark Mirror

I stand before you with hopeful eyes

Your edges are glistening, sharp as knives

A familiar image nostalgia contorted

Eyes empty pools, black, distorted

Duality is opposites on the same thread

Scales balanced, joy the bedfellow of dread

A siphon of energy a thief in the night

But is it really stealing, if I don’t fight

I burned bright as the sun, a dying supernova

Your handiwork imploded my false persona

Shockwaves echo even now that you’re gone

Madonna’s mask erased, no longer a fawn

Awakened dark mistress arose from the flames

A fool turned Empress no longer ashamed

You mirrored shadows, reflected my wounds

A torch of destruction annihilated this tomb

Towers crumbled foundations upended

The star in a vacuum, broken, rejected

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