No Return

Today finally everything was starting to come true everything I dream of starting to fall in line like domino’s I was super excited to start on my first day I had everything planned out in my head what to do and what to say I practice for this for a couple of months now hopefully everything goes right no casualties don't wanna hurt nobody or even put someone six feet under directly as night fell come planed to started to fall apart I started shaking bubble guts throwing up everywhere as time went by I kept second guessing myself now asking myself is this really me now the phone started to ring it was my boyz checking to see if I was still with the plan an plus they was tell their were outside waiting on me i didn't want to tell them at the last minute i wanna pussy out so I told them I will be outside in a few minutes so I rush outside hop in the car with da guys so we started driving to the destination as we got closer I got more nervous then we pulled up to the house we were scoping out for a two months then we make sure nobody was home as plan after that we put on our mask we reach the house we started to look for ways to get inside the house with making noise as we made our in the house we split up so we could find the safe an also cover more ground if any bads happens scream ice cream so I searched downstairs one of my friends went upstairs an the other went to the basement couple mins goes by I found the safe an the money in the master bedroom so I called my bros they come rushing upstairs someone grabs the money also the jewelry then my other goes after the safe trying to crack it took him approximately 6 minutes once we go the safe open everything went left my friends started to fight with each other one thing lead to another shots and fires between my two friends one was laying on the floor with a hole in his head an the other was shoving me telling me to come on before the police arrive as we run outside hop in the car not even 2 minutes the cops was already coming down the street just because these two wanna have a fight who gets the most from the cut now dam of my friends are dead an the other is trying to out run the cops speeding down the road going 120 miles one wrong turn we are going to be next ones dead high speed chase lasted for hour an half before we ended up crashing into the pool luckily for me my side of the car wasn’t that damage but my friend on the hand was fuck he was stuck in the car with no possible way he stared yelling my name saying don’t leave me we are supposed be boys as the siren got closer i run left my friend for dead or a jail cell i know i wasn’t to far from one myself but i kept running with everything the money an the jewelry praying that i get away like

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