“So, he won $3,000,000 last year and didn’t tell me? That’s what your telling me now! Why, tell me?” Ariel spoke in disbelief as she tugged on her long raven pony tail, her purple eyes rimmed in tears.

“He married me last year in Vegas after he won, I swear I didn’t know about you til, yesterday!” Betty said as she brushed a strand of her blond hair out from her blue eyes.

“I’ve been his wife, for 3 years now, he married me in Maui when you were in the hospital after losing your child, I just found out about both of you day before yesterday” spoke Callie, a red head with emerald green eyes.

“So he’s cheating on both of us and he kept from me the fact that he won 3 million dollars?” Ariel reiterated.

“Yes, I think it’s time for a dose of his own medicine!” Said Callie with a wicked grin.

“Yes, Yes that’s what we will do!” Betty said as she rose from her chair to grab a new drink.

[3 Million Dollar Lottery Winner and polygamist dies in fatal skydiving accident. Lottery Winnings and estate worth 3.3 Million awarded to his 3 Wife’s who previously knew nothing of one another]

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