I awoke to people talking- my guardians. 

Anger rose inside of me, I was tired of hopping from place to place, hoping someone would care enough to keep me. It’s been 10 years now, 10 years of switching homes, 10 years of meeting new people, growing close, then leaving. Again and again. All I’ve ever known is coming and leaving. 

I stood up from behind the velvet couch, spooking the two adults I was hiding behind. I walked to the front of the couch, staring into the pupils of their eyes.

“Your getting rid of me, aren’t you?” I questioned them.

Jossleyn tucked her dark hair behind her ear, “Star, I’m sorry but-” she started apologetically but I cut her off.

“Don’t call me Star! My parents gave me that nickname and you have no right to use it!” I snapped, tears forming in my eyes. 

“Starlette, we can’t afford getting you new prosthetics and it’s hard to handle you trying to run away all the time.” my foster father spoke, noticing the look of pain on his wife's face.

My eyes were tiny waterfalls now, “I guess I should go pack- and say goodbye to Lucy.” I croaked, trying to make them feel more guilty then they already were. Then I sprinted down the hall, still sobbing. I was mentally planning an escape plan; pack up, talk to Lucy, escape through the window. 

I quickly grabbed my bag, filling it with my mother’s jewelry, my toothbrush, and all the other small items I owned. Most things (like my clothes and other stuff) were already in my suitcase because I refused to take them out until after 2 months that way in times like this, I was all packed up. 

I quickly snuck across the hall into Lucy’s room, pain twisting in my stomach. Lucy was overjoyed when she meet me. When she was 4, her older sister had died of the flu, leaving her as an only child. Her parents decided to adopt an older girl, me, so Lucy could have a sister. Lucy still has meltdowns when Elizabeth is mentioned so I couldn’t imagine what would happen when I told her.

I walk in with soft steps, trying not to wake her up abruptly, stepping over a few Barbie dolls in the way. Once I reach her twin sized bed, I crouch down and give her a soft tap on the shoulder. She rolled over, tangling up her chocolate hair and opened her eyes. Lucy looked at me, giving me a questioning look. She opened her mouth to speak but I put my finger to my mouth, signaling to hush.

“Lucy,'“ I whispered, “I can’t stay here anymore. You’re never going to see me again. You’re parents, they- they can’t take care of me anymore. I have to run away now or I will be taken into the foster system again.”

Lucy's face was a mix of horror and sadness. She looked me dead serious in the eyes and whispered, “Take me with you.”

I stood there with shock, she wanted to leave her easy life here? I opened my mouth, trying to find words and finally it came out, “Lucy, I know it’s hard, having another sister go, but you cannot come with me. If you come with me, they'll arrest me.” Lucy’s eyes teared a little when I mentioned her sister. “Love you.” I whispered, kissing her on the head and headed for the bedroom door, not daring to look at Lucy’s heartbroken face again.

"They'll get you anyway. If you go, they might send you somewhere worse." Lucy whined and I turned around to look at her.

"Worse that what? I'm tired of switching homes," I put on a huge grin, trying to make her feel better, "Plus, you know I always find a way out. Always."

Lucy smiled, "You'll visit, won't you?" But her smile turned to a frown when I didn't answer. "Won't you?" tears formed in her eyes.

"I'll try." I whispered.

"Try for me...try for my sister." She whispered back.

"She is our sister because your my sister. Right?" I placed my wrist infront of her, showing my half, my "sister's forever" bracelet.

She pulled out her wrist showing hers and a smile came back to her face, "Right." We sat in silence for a moment before Lucy whispered "Goodbye."

I turned, looking away from Lucy’s heartbroken face."This isn't goodbye, it's a see you later." I smiled and finally left the room allowing one lonley tear to slip through.

🌻 I wrote this almost a year ago, I apologize for any errors 🌻

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