Heart beats loud in my chest

adrenaline hammering me in

ha, I like the chase

I feel them tiptoe,

closer, though silently

its too much excitement to handle

Blood on the floor

screams of my own

I can't tell what's bad or good

when the knife

could easily be in my hand too

or, it's more laughing

more words directed to


in my heart

just as painfully

as the silver toy

or the silver

isn't pointing to my heart

just another's

whose heart I truly care for

for when the scarlet red waterfall,

hurts them

It hurts me more

for it lasts forever, not a minute

Then all the love comes

trying to help

mend the pieces

of the heart

that's always breaking me

And I collect that love

in a jar

Just to give away

so other people can have it

I collect, then give away it all

to feel like I'm making people happy

To stop more hearts from breaking

So the stab

that is welcomed

every night

Could possibly hurt less.

But it never does.

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