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I wake up to the maid pouring me tea as usual. The warm sent flows up my nose, pleasing my foggy morning brain. With a tired sigh, I sit up and stretch. Rosie - my maid - gives me a small curtsy.

ā€œGood morning, Your Majesty. What would you like in your tea?ā€ she says softly, eyeing my messy bed hair. She wouldā€™ve said something if she wasnā€™t a maid. If she said something remotely rude sounding, she could be fired.

Only if a guard heard. I would never get her fired. Rosie was basically the only friend I had. Sheā€™s a good listener. Although, she kind of has to be.

ā€œI tell you every morning!ā€ I say exasperated.

She shrivels back afraid. ā€œIā€™m sorry.ā€ she mumbles.

I close my eyes and throw my head back as I inhale deeply. When Iā€™m done I turn my head to her and open my eyes.

ā€œIā€™m sorry. Iā€™m justā€¦frustrated.ā€ I speak calmly this time.

She adds two sugar cubes and a spoonful of honey into my tea. Just how I like it.

ā€œWhy are you frustrated dear Princesse?ā€, she asks softly, ā€œAfter all it is only 10 in the morning.ā€

I want to tell her the real reason Iā€™m frustrated but I canā€™t. If anyone knows about me and Adrienā€¦ I don't know what would happen to him. To us.

I grab the tea off the table and take a sip while deciding what to say. I had that big essay to write but I finished that in no time. I do have to prepare for the royal family of (???) to come.

I gulp down another mouthful of tea, finally deciding what to say.

"I'm constantly in and out of dresses, trying to please Princes from all different kingdoms. I don't want to marry any of those snobs who barely know who I am. They only remotely care about me because they think I'm pretty. I want a guy who cares about me. Likeā€¦like-" I let out a dramatic sigh and slouch back down.

Like Adrien.

Rosie shakes her head, "I'm afraid that's just how Royalty works. A marriage with another prince-"

"- would form a great alliance with another kingdom." We finish together.

"I know, I've been told millions of times." I mutter with an annoyed tone.

ā€œIā€™m sorry.ā€ she says calmly, walking over the my bathroom door probably to prepare my shower.

I shake my head, ā€œStop apologizing.ā€

ā€œSorry-ā€ I roll over, smashing my hand into my floral china teacup on the table beside me.

When I look at the table, shards from the teacup are everywhere - a few of them even have blood on them.

The door is thrown open and the door guard runs straight to me.

ā€œWhat happened?! Are you ok?!ā€ he snaps looking me up and down.

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