It's going to take three days before I receive another email, I hope it's going to be congratulation that I see, I can't wait to get my mind off this expectation I decided to watch an anime cartoon. It worked, for over five hours I haven't thought about the email. I feel everything is going well for me, I just received news that my mother is going to be getting a new solar, I really can't wait for it to arrive. This means I have enough time to work on the projects that I am building. It's today, after waiting for so long, I unlocked my phone, I went directly to the email, There I saw it, my heart begins to beat fast. As I look down, expecting to see the word congratulations, I see something else. My heart skipped a beat, I feel a chill down my spine, my face becomes pale, There was no energy to hold my phone firmly. I collapsed on bed with tears in my eyes, I was finding it difficult to breathe, the only question on my lips were” Why?”

“Wait, what if I try again?”

“There is no use, It's still going to be the same answer.”

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